Eggs “Benefit” over Eggplant


Eggs "Benefit" over EggplantEggs “Benefit”4 eggs
2 tbs Volcano Spice Coconut Habanero Hot Sauce
2 large Chinese eggplants
1 tbs Lavender Macadamia Nut Seasoning
2 tbs oil Oil
1 tbs white vinegar
1 tbs Tutu’s Pantry Spicy Seasoning
(this recipe is for two people)

Slice Eggplants vertically about half inch thick, season both side with Lavender Macadamia Nut Seasoning. Heat 1 tbs oil in a skillet and saute eggplant. Each side should take about 3 minutes. Remove and set on plate. Boil 3 cup of water in a sauce pan. Add vinegar and a pinch of salt, crack eggs and add to boiling water. Cook eggs for 3-4 minutes in medium heat (with a spatula or spoon help whites to bind to yolk). Remove from heat and drain water. Set eggs aside on a plate till all water is drained. With a spatula place poached eggs over sauteed Eggplant. Drizzle Coconut Habanero Hot Sauce over eggs (you can make this sauce a little more mild by adding drawn butter). Sprinkle All purpose seasoning. Serve with breakfast potatoes.

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