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Zinger is our own delicious concoction for overall health.
We choose to eat whole foods, fruits and vegetables and instead of taking multi-vitamin pills we drink this every day.
Zinger is high in anti oxidants and it is excellent to bring down overall inflammation. It’s made with cold pressed organic and locally sourced Lemons, Ginger, Raw Honey and a red pepper blend.
Lemons are high in Vitamin C, Potassium and B6.
Ginger has a compound known as gingerol, an anti inflammatory substance that aids not only digestion but the whole human body.
Raw honey has natural antibiotic, anti fungal and antioxidant properties.
The 16 ounce bottle has four servings. I drink one serving (4 ounces)  first thing in the morning with a 16 ounce glass of purified water and sip the rest throughout the day or when I need a picker upper in replacement of coffee.
As fort its flavor profile, expect a zing when you first taste it. It is citrus tart, slightly spicy and sweet.
If you are looking for something easy to help you start a healthy regiment, Zinger could be of great assistance. It is a cleanser and nourisher at the same time.
This is not an FDA approved health drink or statement about our product, it’s only approved by the people, our customers that love it so much, and us that drink it on a daily.
If you would like to make this product at home check out my recipe.

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