Volcano Spice Fresno Coconut Hot Sauces

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Fresno Pepper and Coconut Hot Sauce

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Volcano Spice Fresno Coconut Sauces are Made on Maui and have the perfect balance of flavor and heat. Ideal for all meals from breakfast to dinner, meats, poultry, seafood and veggies.

Medium heat with a smooth creamy flavor…

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filtered water, cider vinegar, coconut milk, Fresno peppers, red bell peppers, sea salt, Maui chilies, onion, garlic, Lemon zest & xanthan gum.

1 review for Volcano Spice Fresno Coconut Hot Sauces

  1. Teresa McKee (verified owner)

    I am, literally, addicted to this sauce! I tried it on a visit to Oahu and I was hooked! So glad to find it available by mail!

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