Tutu’s Pantry 3 Pack Fruit Butters


Tutu’s Pantry 3 Pack Fruit Butters makes a great Gift set for any occasion.

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We chose our three favorite flavors, Guava, Mango and Lilikoi Butters. Creamy, tropical flavors that spread like butter to add to your toast, pancakes, crepes, desserts and even Fish.

One Guava Butter: Ingredients: Sugar, butter, guava pulp, pectin and lemon juice.

One Mango Butter : Ingredients: Sugar,butter,mango pure and lemon juice.

One Lilikoi Butter: Ingredients: Sugar, butter, lilikoi (passion fruit), pectin.

Gluten Free, No preservatives.

Each Glass Jar 7.5 ounces.

Made on Maui , Hawaii

Weight 4 lbs


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