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Magnolia Hydrosol by Lokelani Essentials.

Magnolia flower has a component called Honokiol that has certain anxiolytic qualities that directly impact the hormonal balance in the body, particularly in terms of stress hormones. A similar chemical pathway allows it to help relieve depression, by stimulating the release of dopamine and pleasure hormones that can help turn your mood around.

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The use of Magnolia Hydrosol makes the skin looking firmer, fresher and younger. It has anti-inflammatory benefits, relieves itching and helps against blackheads and pimples. The most impressive health benefits of magnolia include its ability to ease anxiety and to reduce severe allergic reactions

Facial toner: Spray onto the face and neck after cleansing with one of our face washes. Use as a natural facial toner for a more gentle clarifying and cooling treatment. Mist face before moisturizing soften and hydrate; or mist face after moisturizing to set make-up. Can be used multiple times throughout the day as a skin refresher.

Ingredients : Organic Magnolia hydrosols.


Net Weight 3.38oz/100ml

Made on Maui with Love.

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